Klipsutin® is a Finnish made small, beautiful accessory that can be used from party dresses to everyday clothes.

With Klipsutin you can easily close your cardigan that lacks buttons. You can also set your favorite scarf in the most flattering way, give your dress just the kind of posture you want, or even lift a long gown to keep it clean while you’re outside. Attaching an ID card with Klipsutin is also easy. Small and beautiful Klipsutin can be used in so many ways.

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What is Klipsutin?

Do you own a cardigan or other knitwear that does not have buttons for keeping it closed? Wouldn’t it be nice every now and then to actually have your cardigan closed? These kinds of situations may occur for example during outdoor activities in windy weather or while carrying groceries.

Many of us want to keep clothes we wear closed like we have used to with buttons, but these days those buttons are often missing.

Klipsutin helps you exactly in these kinds of situations. Klipsutin is also a beautiful piece of jewelry that will give personality on your dressing.

The use of the Klipsutin is not limited to just buttonless clothes. You can also use Klipsutin to hold your scarf around your neck beautifully in place. Got a dress that has become loose? With Klipsutin you can give your favorite dress an improved posture. Even the hem of your skirt can be nicely lifted in rainy weather from touching the ground. Falling bra straps can sometimes be annoying, and we have a perfect Klipsutin model for this as well to keep the straps in place. We have also been told that Klipsutin is a very handy accessory to prevent a hood from falling forward when cycling.

It is the ease of use and beautiful appearance that has already given thousands of people using Klipsutin the necessary help to their every day clothing.

Klipsutin Remy

A warranty for your product

Klipsutin is a Finnish handicraft. When you buy a Klipsutin product, you can be sure of the quality.

However, if something unexpected happens to your product, you can feel free to contact us even after a longer period of time.

Klipsutin is a wonderful and practical gift idea

The beautiful jewelry-like appearance and convenient small size also make Klipsutin a great gift.

We deliver each of our product in a beautiful box, and you will be able to give them as a gift right away.

As we know, sometimes it can be difficult to decide what kind of product model the other one might like. No worries! If the model you chose was not to the liking of the gift recipient, and he or she would like another option, you can contact us, and we will exchange it to your liking.