Klipsutin is a Finnish company that manufactures various Klipsutin products. Klipsutin is a small, beautiful tool that can be used from party dresses to everyday clothes.

History and Birth

Klipsutin is a company and product born in the spring of 2017. I needed a product like this, but could not find it in the market. Klipsutin was born, like many other things, simply from personal need. We took an old idea and re-made it for this decade. The result was a beautiful and practical product for everyday life.

I love knitwear and they are part of my standard clothes. However, I am a out going person and get easily stuck on door handles for an example. On a windy day my cardigan is all over the place.

Welcome Klipsutin – and living with knitwear is wonderful again. Finally clothes stay in place. Klipsutin is also beautiful so it does not have to be hidden.

Facilities and manufacturing

We design and pack our products manually in Finland. Our small Klipsutin factory operates from Hyvinkää, and works as a warehouse for our products. We only sell our products online but you can check out your closest reseller to see the Klipsutin in person.


Klipsutin, Entrepreneur

Tuire-Sini has been an entrepreneur for ten years, mainly engaged in crafts. She is also an experienced craftsman herself, and a bling-loving person. Behind the name is a 30-year-old woman and a mother of three. Family is her greatest support in her career. Tuire-Sini is a creative, inventive, entrepreneur who wants to create products for people – for help and happiness.

Company information

Mail address:
Klipsutin / Tajeti Company Oy
Sillankorvankatukatu 15 B
05810 Hyvinkää
VAT number: FI2913211