About Us

Klipsutin was born in 2017 out of Tuire-Sini’s personal need. Despite the attempts to find one, however, there was no solution on the market at the time for beautifully attaching clothing. As an experienced craftsman, she decided to create one herself. One could say that Tuire-Sini grabbed the old basic idea, developing and updating it for this decade. The end result is a beautiful and practical help for everyday life.


We are a family business in Hyvinkää, and we create Klipsutin products from carefully selected materials by hand in our workshop. Our helping hands at workshop will make sure that we can send the products we create to our customers as quickly as possible. In addition to our high quality products, we feel it is very important to take as good care of our customers as we can.

Our products also quickly found their way onto the shelves of several retail stores. If you want to see our products live, you should check with your nearest dealer.

Whenever Klipsutin helps to give a forgotten piece of clothing in your wardrobe a new chance, we feel our mission has been successful.


Klipsutin, Entrepreneur

Tuire-Sini has been an entrepreneur for over ten years, working mainly in the handicraft business. She’s also an experienced craftsman herself and a person who loves bling. Behind the name is a woman in her thirties and a mother of three. The family is her greatest support and security that encourages to pursue her career. Tuire-Sini is a creative and inventive entrepreneur who especially wants to create products for people – for help and joy.


Klipsutin, Entrepreneur

After several years in the IT industry, Miika may not have imagined that he would jump into the world of handicraft. Solid experience in information technology has enabled the team to take our story forward in today’s digital environment. This loving husband and father of three has also become quite a handy craftsman himself.

Our Team

There is plenty to do, and that’s why we have an awesome team with us. Henna serves our Swedish and German speaking customers and is part of our sales and marketing team. Nea helps us make the products, and packages your orders together with Anne. Our helping hands give Tuire-Sini the opportunity to create beautiful new things, among her other hurries.

Our company information

E-mail: info@klipsutin.fi
Phone: +358 44 491 5611
(customer service by phone only in Finnish)
Office location:

Klipsutin / Tajeti Company Oy
Talvisillankatu 15 B 10
05860 Hyvinkää
Company ID:  2913211-1