We have many clothes in our wardrobe that we forget to wear. Often the reason is  wrong size or the garment does not stay in such a way as we would like. When this happens, we will slowly forget the existence of it as it fades away deep in our wardrobe.

Accessories, such as scarves and skirts, often need extra effort to stay beautiful and practical. Scarves move easily, especially in windy weather and our skirts get tested on a rainy day. In these situations, it is often necessary to use hands to repair the outfit.

It is quite common to use a safety pin on these situations. The needle is, however, quite rugged: every use pierces the fabric, leaving a new hole in it. In addition to this, safety pin needs to be hidden, as it is anything but beautiful.

Klipsutin can be used in so many different ways

Klipsutin is an excellent tool to solve problems with clothes. Klipsutin is designed to attach two pieces of clothing to the appropriate proportions of each other.

With Klipsutin you can easily close your cardigan that lacks buttons. You can also set your favorite scarf in the most flattering way. You can be sure that it will not lose shape. With Klipsutin, you can give your dress just the kind of posture you want, or even lift a long gown to keep it clean while you’re outside.

Klipsutin is beautiful

In addition to the practicality of Klipsutin, it is also a beautiful accessory. When you wear Klipsutin, you don’t need to hide it. Klipsutin is designed to be on display. KIipsutin has a variety of designs and colors.

Klipsutin is high quality

Klipsutin is handcrafted from high quality materials in Finland. Our products are durable and safe to use near the skin. They contain no nickel, lead or cadmium.

Klipsutin has a unique fastener. It leaves no permanent traces to clothes, but remains firmly attached. We are proud of our products and we offer them a quality guarantee. If you experience any problems with your Klipsutin, feel free to contact us.

Our offering

We offer a variety of designs that include different color options depending on the model. We have pearls, metals, braided designs, and special collections from external brands.

Thank you for your interest in our products! We are also interested in helping and serving you!