Klipsutin Aika

Klipsutin Aika is a gorgeous looking model that has been brought from Tämä Hetki jewelry series into the Klipsutin range of products. Klipsutin Aika is both a beautiful jewelry, and a great handy accessory for clothing.

The message of Tämä Hetki jewelry series is simple: take a breath and enjoy the life!

Klipsutin Aika consists of an owl pendant that is covered with Preciosa-crystals and recycled watch parts – embedded by hand in Finland. Recycled jewelry with a thoughtful idea.

Each jewelry is a unique product. One could even find the creators fingerprint on it, literally.

Long time ago, I was looked liked that I’ve got seriously ill. During the long week of waiting for the doctor’s answers I had time to think about my life. When the answers finally arrived and things were okay for me, I realized that I do not live enough at this very moment; instead I’m always rushing forward.

I hope that these jewelries can give you time to stop and think about all the good things in your life and enjoy it’s small and beautiful moments.

This product withstands normal use, but chemicals and water might wear it’s surface.

The high quality Preciosa® crystals are made in Czech Bohemia.

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Klipsutin is delivered in a beautiful box, which in addition to storing, is also a great gift box.

The length of this Klipsutin model is 14 cm.

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Klipsutin is a Finnish made small, beautiful accessory that can be used from party dresses to everyday clothes.

With Klipsutin you can easily close your cardigan that lacks buttons, or set your favorite scarf in the most flattering way. Small and beautiful Klipsutin can be used in many ways.

No more ugly safety pins or other cloth piercing objects!

A beautiful jewellery and a practical accessory in one package – a great gift to yourself or someone you know. ❤

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Black with silver base, Crystal clear AB with black base, Crystal clear AB with silver base, Crystal clear with black base