Klipsutin Countess

A darkening autumn night, the forest glows with its darkness and only the stars illuminate those who walk in the dark.

The sounds of moving carts and the movement of horses can be heard from the forest. The carts approach the end of the forest road, where a large and brave castle opens. The courtyard of the castle is filled with light, an outdoor fire has been lit on the road to welcome the guests. The drivers open the doors of the carts, from which handsome cavalry comes out along with women wearing beautiful dresses. The party has been eagerly awaited and everyone is dressed to their best. Can you imagine the ladies walking around wearing this jewelry?

Klipsutin is delivered in a beautiful box, which in addition to storing, is also a great gift box.

The total length of this Klipsutin model is 10 cm.

Klipsutin is easy to use. Opening and closing the clips is easy, even with weaker fingers. Klipsutin is very lightweight and weighs just over 10 grams depending on the model.

Our products are also safe to use against the skin as they do not release nickel, lead or cadmium.

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Klipsutin is a Finnish made small, beautiful accessory that can be used from party dresses to everyday clothes.

With Klipsutin you can easily close your cardigan that lacks buttons, or set your favorite scarf in the most flattering way. Small and beautiful Klipsutin can be used in many ways.

No more ugly safety pins or other cloth piercing objects!

A beautiful jewellery and a practical accessory in one package – a great gift to yourself or someone you know. ❤

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Amethyst, Gray