Klipsutin Lovise


Lovise is a gorgeous, slightly larger-sized magnetic design available in various beautiful colors. This design is not only suitable for fastening cardigans or scarves but also makes for a lovely brooch. Despite its slightly larger size, Lovise weighs only 29 grams and is comfortable to wear.

Attachment is done using a magnet pair that will hold the garment firmly together. Please note that although the magnetic attachment is strong, it may come undone in certain situations due to strong movements on the garment.

At the moments when you don’t need the product to attach your clothing, you can use it e.g. as a hat decoration. With it’s simple attachment imagination is your only limit!

Note! Persons with a pacemaker must not wear magnetic jewelry! This product is also not intended for children under the age of 14.

Klipsutin is delivered in a beautiful box, which in addition to storing, is also a great gift box.

The size of this model is 59 mm x 59 mm.

Our products are also safe to use against the skin as they do not release nickel, lead or cadmium.

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Klipsutin is a Finnish made small, beautiful accessory that can be used from party dresses to everyday clothes.

With Klipsutin you can easily close your cardigan that lacks buttons, or set your favorite scarf in the most flattering way. Small and beautiful Klipsutin can be used in many ways.

No more ugly safety pins or other cloth piercing objects!

A beautiful jewellery and a practical accessory in one package – a great gift to yourself or someone you know. ❤

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Blue, Green, Light Blue, Mint, Red, Silver, Violet